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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 19, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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to that decision. and we have more on the somber anniversary, we will explain. your forecasted highs are coming up.
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. super bowl 50 could it be held here in santa clara? we will tell you what city officials are doing to make it a little bit sweeter for the nfl. an overnight mass at the vatican, marking a new era, what it tells the world about pope frances. and how it is tied to the oakland raiders, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us tuesday march 19th, i am pam cook. steve, if if you were them, would you grab an umbrella?
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>> yes,i would. if you are heading out tonight you might need that umbrella, and tonight you can see cloud cover and there is a little bit more rain coming in, 50s and of 0s -- 60s to near 70s, here is sal. there is a crash in richmond we will tell you about, and traffic looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza, 237 looks good, let's go back to the desk. pope frances is now vowing to serve the porest -- poorest and the weakest. six hours ago pope frances was presented with a key symbol. he went through the open top vehicle which was not surrounded by bullet proof glass. he is being called the people's
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pope and he broke float tow call and kissed a disabled man in the crowd. >> he has the passion for things that really motivate him. >> more than 150,000 people packed st. peters' square for the installation. a car fire really spread to headquarters in alameda. it happened just after a crowd which was behind the oakland airport. the building was not burned and police will be looking into whether the car was stolen origin involved in sewer -- or involved in some other crime. janine de la vega has been on this story since 4:30, why are the police saying they opened fire after a chase? >> reporter: well, dave, they are saying they had to because
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the suspect ended up accelerating his vehicle towards them. i want to tell you though, neighbors heading off to work are shaken up over this shooting. investigators have lit up gerald drive and you can see in the distance, there is a tow truck and we are assuming it is one of the unmarked police cars but we just don't know and they are here collecting evidence. just before 7:00 last night san jose police officers in unmarked cars tried to stop the car but the driver of the car started ramming into two police cars and a parked vehicle. the officer got out of their vehicle and that's when the suspect accelerated towards the officer. out of fear for their lives they shot the suspect and one
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neighbor heard all the chaos while she was eating dinner. >> we heard a car crash and she looked out the window and it was a car crash and we ran outside and we all of a sudden heard a popping sound and i guess it was gunfire. and they had all of their guns drawn and she was telling everybody, go inside, go inside. [ police sirens ] >> reporter: that suspect was rushed to the hospital where he died of his injuries and there was a passenger with him and he is being cooperative and it is unknown if he will be charged with anything. this happened in an unincorporated area of san jose. they have people being placed on administrative leave, back out here live again this is a
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meticulous shooting. i do have a spokesperson and we hope to have that for you in the next half hour. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have developing news right now, several u.s. marines have been killed during a training exercise near california. reportedly they died after an explosion at the army depot. the explosion happened at an army depot and this is a developing story and we are trying to confirm the number of fatalities and we will bring you more news as soon as it becomes available. in iraq, more than 56 people killed and more than 200 hurt in a series of bombings in and around baghdad. >> you are looking at brand-new
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video outside of baghdad this morning. most were car bombs where they targeted she shi'ite areas. the attacks happened near the green zone and that's where foreign embassies including the american embassy is based. these attacks comes on the 10th anniversary of the u.s. led invasion of iraq. you remember this, u.s. launched several air strikes terminating the iraq war. they forced saddam hussein out of power and his regime was overthrown but no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. back at the memorial on a hillside in lafayette in memory of the u.s. soldiers have generated a lot of course.
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at first across was placed for each shoulder who -- soldier who died and that he ran out of room and now they just update the sign every month with the number of soldiers killed. they plan on keeping the crosses on the hill until every soldier comes home. that is coming up a live memorial coming up. tara moriarty joins us with a proposal that could be a real game changer, tara moriarty? >> reporter: they said they would give up a lot of money to offset those hosting. you can see the stadium should be ready in 2014 and the other big contend -- contender is
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miami and the nfl is asking for its employees to be exempt from all local taxes and that would free members of the football team from paying a 9.5% hotel tax here in the bay area. one diehard fan said he does not think what the nfl is asking for is fair but he relishes having the super bowl here on home turf. >> reporter: now super bowl tickets will be here and one would have raised $29 million for senior programs. the city will also loose out and city leaders here say all could be made up and we did speak to them and they are expecting to find out why they
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asked for all of these requests. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. new details, a preschool in livermore was shut down following a series of allegations and it will not reopen any time soon. social services shut down the school on friday when they found two babies were swaddled too tightly. they also found one baby sleeping in a car seat and the other sleeping in a high chair. two employees are now banned from working at any state licensed childcare facility. some counties may be sued for sending low-level offenders to county jails instead of prisons. another lawsuit is expected in monterey county now the law sets claim -- lawsuits claim they have bad medical care and
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poor mental health facilities. this controversial idea involves poke and one said that bike plan would be a disaster for local businesses. you were covering a crash last time, how is that looking? >> it is looking okay and fortunately there are no major injuries and usually when a car flips over and rolls over a few times, the person just got out and stayed out of the car, it was a nice miracle and traffic is looking well. 880 looks good as you head out to the mcarthur maze and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is looking good but
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it looks a touch lighter than usual because of that crash upstream on carlson. now again it just surprises me nobody was injured and there is still a mess coming in from panola richmond let's go to steve. already, thank -- all right thank you sal. weekend looks good, mostly sunny mild maybe even warmer by sunday and we have a weak system coming in and this looks like a one and a half and done, but the main area of dynamics that will not affect us but that's one we have to wait for. mostly cloudy and then cooler rainfall projections to -- to a
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10th of an inch and snow level shows a mild to warm system and snow levels will be high. not much rain, there are a couple of little breaks but clouds begin to roll back in and 40s and 50s on the temperatures and cloud cover held up and i don't think it will change much here. yesterday we had 30s and 40s. although the atmosphere is getting juiced up, cloudy, rain, kind of a light rain for the evening commute and 60s and 70s, i am a little hesitant to go with the 70s but most of the computer models did go with 70s. low clouds and high clouds and more of a westerly breeze, with your weekend always in view, it is looking good >> >> it could be easier to get
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into the postal forum... >> workers protested outside the center and they are angry they are postponing with the vendors. and they need to hear their concerns. here is a reported plot, what students said is to be behind the plot and we will tell you more on what police found in his dorm room. there is an attack on the white house and we will have more on how the white house is responding.
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. we are learning new details about a plan add tack at central florida. it appears a student pulled a fire alarm to draw students out and he went back to get weapons and when officers arrived they found the student suspect shot to death and they also found a handgun and assault weapon, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and 14 homemade bombs. two teenage girls have been arrested after making threats to the victim. it comes one day after two football players were convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl at
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a party last august. they used facebook and twitter he to harass the victim. >> one says you ripped by family apart, you made my cousin cry and when i see you, it's going to be a homicide. the girls are being held in juvenile detention and will be in court later today. they are making threats against the united states. north korea shows a video with a simulated attack. here is kyla campbell and the pentagon is watching this closely, kyla? >> reporter: the pentagon is adding missile intercepters and it will take three years to get all 13 of them together in alaska. assist you lasted attack by north korea targeting the white house and the capital building. they carried out a rocket test in december and a bomb test
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last month. it happened during a united nations conference. they ordered a preemptive nuclear attack and that was after they agreed on new tougher sanctions. some analysts say it's just propaganda and others say it shows north korea's intentions for its nuclear weapons program. >> they will not sent them nor -- they will not accept them. >> it directly targets the u.s. >> reporter: some lawmakers do not believe the united states is doing enough by adding missile intercepters in alaska over the next three years. what they want done when i see you next, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are trying to keep the government funded through the end of the september. the measure will go to the house where it is expected to
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pass and then on to president barack obama and they are reaching a deadline to pass that spending bill or face a government shut down. we want to check in with sal for the commute, it is after 6:00 now. >> yes, and i want to show you something because of a crash on 880 westbound and richmond. let's go to the toll plaza here. it is lighter than usual and although there are certainly plenty of people on the road but i think they are all stick on 880 but if you are driving on the bay bridge, it looks good and the actual freeway system looks good as well. i want to show you 80 westbound and this crash here as we remove the indicater, you can see the traffic between panola and richmond is very, very slow and unfortunately that is why people are not at the bay
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bridge yet. there was an injury crash but they are waiting on a tow truck to get that badly damaged vehicle out of the lanes. let's go to steve. there are some breaks in the clouds from napa to san jose and we have a little bit of a break or two in. clouds. napa says 43 and they are the coolest. 47 degrees and most of the lows are held from low 40s to 50s. we had some rain overnight and there are some breaks and we'll see this cloud cover increase throughout the day. this is a lot of clouds and not much rain, a 10th of an inch and there could be some light rain and it extends well out of the pacific, this is not a big
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system and there could be some and we can sure use that and temperatures 50s and 60s and 70s, warm system and snow level will be high here. breaks in the clouds and humidity will be up so it is a lot higher there. we clear out thursday and friday and saturday and most of sunday looks pretty good. looking for a new chief executive officers, the current ceo announced he is leaving at the end of the month. he feels it is time to let new leadership take them to their next phase and he said he is leaving because he is 100% responsible for the finances which have fallen short. what they really need for
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. new details about president barack obama's visit to the bay area next month. he will attend four fundraisers, two will be in san francisco and two others will be close by. they will use it to help democratics and he wants democrats to win back control for the house of representatives. california has the worst unemployment rate in history. california had an unemployment rate of 9. 8% and california is tied with rhode island for the highest unemployment rate in the country. he agrees it has changed and
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the unemployment rate is 7.9%. the food banks will be completely out of food and the shortage comes at a time when the need is growing. the food is leaving faster than coming in and donated money can go further than food. they can turn one donated dollar into $4 of food. >> what are you seeing, sal? >> well, as a matter of fact 80 seems to be one of the worst freeways because of that crash at the carlson boulevard exit so you will see some slowing, that traffic is moving along well, it is not a bad commute as well and traffic is busy as
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you go passed mission boulevard clouds will continue to roll in and we had a tiny bit and there will and little bit more. one ending in the pacific northwest and our system is just coming into the picture more clouds than anything else and 60s and 07s -- 60s to near 70 degrees today. we will take you live to rome with the new message the pope has for the world. live where sheriff's deputies are investigating a deadly shooting and we will tell you why. >> some names are making business news including lou, lieu lemon. le is whenever i get something new,
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. looking live at the nasdaq they are ringing the opening bell there as i mentioned electronically run art, lou, lou lemon dealing with some yoga pants and making headlines, good news on housing market and we have all the business news coming up. all right, we will smile and say good morning, it is tuesday march 19th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, good morning. just hours ago, people watched the installation mass for pope francis. here is is it more on this very special mass and the message from the new pope, jim? >> hello, dave, yes, the pope
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was out in full force >> reporter: we saw that new informal pope to see march and he ran through an open pope mobile. ever since they have had an enclosed bullet proof glass for the mobile and pope francis is not afraid of taking risk and security is worried about how vulnerable the pope is. he picked up a couple of babies in the crowds and kissed them and at one point stopped and got out and come forced -- comforted a sick man in the crowds and it was a visual of an example of what he was going to say in his message to the
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faithful that were there this morning, about 150,000 according to the vatican estimate and in that message because it is st. joseph's day and st. joseph is known for his protective nature and his fatherly nature and because of that his message was about protection of the weakest, the youngest, of the oldest among us and that -- among us and not only was it a message for his clergy men but for the dignitaries and in fact there were 30 heads of state and any other important dignitaries from most of the religious groups you can think of. >> that is reporter jim bitterman lives from rome, thank you. an investigation is underway into a deadly officer involved shooting in an
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unincorporated part of san jose. janine de la vega is live in san jose with information that led up to the shooting and how neighbors are reacting, janine? >> reporter: well, pam it appears, sheriff's are wrapping up their investigation right here and you can see they have lifted up this crime tape so that the tow truck can come by and they towed away the vehicle for evidence. just to give you an idea in east san jose, san jose police officers tried to stop the car and they showed them ramming into two police cars and a parked vehicle. the officer got out of his vehicle and that's when the suspect accelerated towards the officer. out of fear for his life the
6:36 am
officer shot at the suspect and that suspect was rushed to the hospital where he died of his injuries. >> there were so -- there are so many kids in this neighborhood especially where i live and i am thankful no kids were outside and nobody got hurt >> reporter: there was a male suspect with the driver and he is cooperating with the police and this happened in an unincorporated area of san jose and they have been interviewing officers and they have been talking to witnesses and of course processing the scene. it has been a very meticulous scene and they have spent nearly 12 hours of being here and they want to make sure they collect everything since an
6:37 am
officer was involved. they are for the nate. reporting live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have developing news which we just told you about, seven u.s. marines were killed during a training exercise. there was an explosion near hawthorn nevada. the hospital is reportedly treating eight people, three of them are said to be in serious condition and we will bring you more details as it becomes available. a hillside memorial and afghanistan, they are still keeping track of those reporting. the memorial will stay until u.s. troops are back home,
6:38 am
alex? >> reporter: this has become a very special place in honor of the war dead. this is across the street from the bart station although there have been many more casualties in the two middle east conflict but organizers don't have enough room for all the crosses so they have put up a sign with an accurate tally, it reads 6702 and this is thought to be the largest memorial. the creator first got it as it began in 2003 because friends owned this hillside property. a decade ago, former president george bush ordered the war and no weapons of mass destruction were ever found and many americans began to grow frustrated by the loss of life. vandals have torn out some of
6:39 am
the crosses from time to time and critics have called for them to come down and many are describing this display as an eye shore and even though it officially happened, they do still stand here today. he wants to keep all of these crosses up until everyone is home from the middle east. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are apologizing after michelle shocked went on a reason antigay rant during a recent show. it happened sunday night when she started using der interrogator are you -- derogatory gay slurs and there were about 200 people and a lot
6:40 am
of them walked out. >> she started talking about the end of days are coming and she said some words that offended pretty much everybody in the venue. >> this is the first time in five years they had to shut down the show. they say michelle shocked is banned forever. several other concert it is include nevada -- concerts are banning her including nevada. they will gather r a special assembly in a gym to remember marcus johnson. the 14-year-old and another spectator were killed on saturday when arrays car flew -- a race car flew off the track at raceway park. the supervisor will
6:41 am
introduce rulely antiabortion protesters now they wanted to create a planned parenthood as this comes to special recent responses and protests at the planned parenthood at valencia street. the new zones will apply to entranceways. they are still facing the real possibility they may shut down in june but the college serves almost 90,000 students and is moving ahead for the search of a new chancellor. they are expected to approve the money needed to begin that search. now it is unfinished business as it fights to stay open. c.c. if because of a panels finding has not fixed major problems because of leadership and
6:42 am
financial planning. mta is meeting about a taxi app in san francisco. they may soon require realtime information about where their cabs are and when they will be available. third-parties can connect people with the nearest available cab. right now as you can imagine catching a cab is challenging on special events. that app could be a available by summertime. >> 6:39 is the time, a new crash in concord. that's right, first of the willow pass exit, you can see they are trying to sweep some of that debris and firefighters are still on the scene west of willow pass road, it looks like they may be able to develop soon and it looks like the two
6:43 am
right lanes, there goes a paramedic vehicle and they are leaving with somebody who is injured and it is a big mess on highway 4, give yourself extra time. moving along, speaking of messes, we had a mess because of an earlier crash on 80 but the crash is now gone and the crash is backed up big time to richmond and it will not stay that way for long. right now you can take advantage of a lighter commute. 6:40 let's go to steve. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, but it definitely feels colder, holding up 40s and 50s and it's rather chilly out there, mostly tonight into tomorrow morning and it will clear outs and the system -- clear out and the system is weakening and the warmest day will be saturday.
6:44 am
it's not a well organized system and there are two parts of it. it is a little stronger and we have a low right down there. we have to wait for that. i know it's not much. the bark is worse than its bite. rain develops and overnight into wednesday morning, tomorrow will be cooler as well. rainfall projections are a them mix. you can -- are -- rainfall projections are low. we have not had much since the beginning of the year and there could be a few isolated areas picking up a half inch of rain. 50s and 60s, snow levels will be up there and it is not a big deal. a few breaks in the clouds overall we will look for a few 40s and 50s and there are few breaks in the clouds and cloud cover will roll in and you can see it is not well organized.
6:45 am
cloudy to most live cloudy and rain develops later on, more likely for the evening commute and we get a lot of breaks later on. clouds will slowly roll in. 70 degrees for some and we will held on to that unsettled pattern and saturday is sunny and mostly sunny and warmer. still, the clouds look decent. >> okay, steve, are you ready for springtime? >> yes. >> it is almost springtime. look at new england, they may find it real hard to believe. and the newly installed pope having strong reactions and that's resonating really well with bay area residents. good morning, still blocking lanes as you can see making a big mess coming out of
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. we have some breaks in the clouds, we have mostly cloudy today, light rain coming in later. a powerful storm is pounding new england just as spring begins. this is new haven connecticut and as much as 20 inches of
6:49 am
snow could fall in some areas today and you should no, i that winter storm is a -- you should know, that winter storm is affecting many area flights. an investigation is happening into a fatal shooting into unincorporated san jose. it happened 6:45 near woodhaven vend drive. police officers were forced to shoot when a suspect driving a stolen car backed into an unmarked police car and patrol car and sped up towards a police officer. and team headquarters in alameda, firefighters found this in the back parking lot less than two hours. the fire spread to nearby brush but it did not burn the building. just two hours ago, pope frances was -- pope francis was installed and vice-president
6:50 am
joseph biden was there greeting the pope after the mass. catholics around the world were closely watching the ceremonies. how are people in the bay area reacting, brian? >> reporter: well, dave, the pope game official after the inauguration ceremony and he said he will serve the poorest the weakest and the most vulnerable. just hours ago, the pope was presented where 200,000 people came in vatican city. he is already making his mark and he already opened a twitter account and issued a couple of tweets after that inauguration ceremony. it said let us care for one
6:51 am
another and a few minutes later he said true power is service and the pope must serve all people especially the poor the weak and the vulnerable. he went into a car which was not surrounded by bullet proof glass and he broke people protocol by kissing the head of a disabled man and it shows compassion that the pope will bring during his reign. >> is he a very compassionate priest, the father, the pope and he has concern for the disabled. >> and among some during the installation ceremonies including vice-president joseph biden and people from other religions, in the jewish and sikh as well.
6:52 am
strong reactions from catholics and they are hoping the twitter messages will assure some type of change and we will have their reactions as it continues. brian for resident, ktvu channel 2 morning news. the commute is bad, westbound highway 4, it looks like the truck has arrived, a person was stuck inside of a car which flipped over and they are making some progress, but traffic is a mess, they have the right lane blocked and part of that exit lane as well, two lanes are blocked on westbound highway 4 and a lot of the damage is done. it is backed up through antioch and when they clear this crash it will be a big delay for you.
6:53 am
but i think that one is also going to be jammed at this time so it is stuck there. >> this is a look at the westbound bay bridge and they have not made it to the bay bridge but there is a 10 minute delay. if you are driving from panola to richmond, we had an earlier accident so the commuters have not made it through yet. let's go to steve. mostly cloudy, partly cloudy to cool, i had a little e-mail from a friend of mine and he said he is watching right across over here. thank you derek. we have a few breaks in the clouds, i thought it was cool this morning so it is cold and clear and maybe it is cutting through you a little bit.
6:54 am
we are chilly lows in fact sprinkles lasted into the morning hours and 40s for some, 45 for half-moon bay, mid-40s and napa is one of the coolest. i show you the east coast again and a friend of mine is in caldwell new jersey and it is snowing again. every day he tells me it is snowing again and you can see everything is locked in to the great lakes and that's the strong area of low pressure, we are hard pressed to really get much here and this breaks down and it has been there for the longest time and when it does we will get a little bit of rain and partly cloudy skies later on and turning cloudy, light rain, maybe a 10 of the of an inch -- maybe a 10th of
6:55 am
an inch and some are starting where there is low 70s and we have mostly sunny and tomorrow terse are warming up especially by -- sunny and it is warp up especially by saturday. he is known for his views, stay tuned we will explain.
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. welcome back, taking a live look at the big board, dow jones industrial average is up 57 points and nasdaq and s&p 500 is showing good news on housing construction. it is pretty amazing. ... >> want to go whale watching go with these folks. they put on a rare show in southern california. whales swam right up to the boats in dana points and they swam in circles before they died of in the water and experts say they were showing typical mating behavior. they noticed a path for citizens and they would require
6:59 am
congress to make progress and border security. the announcement comes through on legislation to overall the break laws. -- immigration laws. he would like to incorporate some of his ideas and would like to be back. a gun buy back and the county collected 1,100 weapons at a biback and it starts at reid hill on east san jose. you can get $100 for each handgun shotgun and rifle and two hundred for each assault weapon turned in. if you are just joining us, highway 4 is a mess. >> yes because of that crash we have been talking about, they